How Does Fishing Affect Your Mental Health?

Fishing is one of the most popular recreational activities that could be as equally exciting as it is relaxing.

Most of the time, people do it for the relaxing part of it. But you’ll be surprised to know the numerous ways in which it improves both your mental and physical health.

Physically, Fishing Keeps You in Shape

Fishing is a full-body work out that’s a lot more fun than forcing yourself to hit the gym.

When you’re fishing, you put several muscle groups into action. These include the arms, shoulders, core, legs, and back.

And of course, the larger your catch, the more the engagement of these muscles, and the more they’re strengthened.

Add to that, you also work your heart and lungs for a better cardiovascular and circulatory health.

Fishing Helps You Get Your Necessary Vitamin D

Being outside, even when the sky is grey and cloudy, is the ideal way to get your necessary Vitamin D reserves.

Vitamin D is known to play a major role in regulating the amount of phosphate and calcium in the body. This in turns keeps your teeth and bones healthy and strong.

It also strengthens your immune system and is linked to fighting depression.

Fishing Helps Improve Concentration

According to research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, being outside and enjoying the environment improves a person’s ability to concentrate.

This is because spending time in nature and experiencing the green of the grass, blue of the sky, and colors of the various animals and flowers changes the brain and gives it a higher ability to focus.

Fishing Can Help Reduce Stress

Recent studies show that stress is becoming a widespread symptom worldwide.

But being near water is generally known to reduce anxiety and stress as well as reinforce feelings of calmness and tranquility.

The simple act of being in a natural setting results in reduced neural activity in the area of the brain associated with the risk of mental illness.

That’s why fishing has several therapeutic benefits that charities are coming to realize and use to treat PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) as well as other anxiety-related mental illnesses.

Studies have proven that war veterans experienced lower levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) for a duration that extended up to 3 weeks after being on a fishing trip.

Fishing Can Enhance Social Capabilities

No matter when and where you’ll usually find an angling club and a fishing community.

You can learn a lot from like-minded as well as pass on your knowledge to those who need it.

Fishing is a great way to make new friends or enjoy the company of old ones that enjoy the same activity as well as connect with them.

Fishing Gives You the Time to Disconnect

In addition to the previous points, fishing is a great method of getting away from everyday routine and giving yourself some quality time.

Bottom Line

One of the best things about fishing is that anyone can do it. No matter your age, location, gender, how fit you are or where you’re from.

It serves both as a calming activity to reduce stress and anxiety as well as clear the mind and as a low-impact physical exercise that works on several muscles of your body.

So whether you’re going to grab a regular spin reel for freshwater fishing or a salt water reel to fish in the open sea, you shouldn’t delay the decision any longer.

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