Belonocnema treatae

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I5klogo4.jpg Belonocnema treatae

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i5K Comments for Belonocnema treatae
We have suitable genetic material preserved and readily available at any time for this very interesting insect. This is a cyclically parthenogenic insect that alternates between an asexual and sexual generations. We have males and females from the sexual generation and asexual females from the alternative generation. This insect also forms locally adapted populations and we have samples across the host plant environments (Quercus virginiana and Q. geminata) from across its range (Texas to Florida, USA). Scott Egan

Belonocnema treatae
Live oak pea galler

Taxonomic classification
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Genus: Belonocnema
Nomination: i5K initiative

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