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I5klogo4.jpg Collembola

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List of Species on ArthropodBase currently in Collembola: 14

Species Common Name NCBI Taxon ID Nominated
Anurida maritima 6469564695 i5K initiative
Bourletiella hortensis 574228574228 i5K initiative
Cryptopygus antarcticus Antartic springtail 187623187623
Folsomia candida 158441158441 i5K initiative
Mesaphorura sp. 187655187655 i5K initiative
Neelus sp. i5K initiative
Onychiurus arcticus 463566463566
Orchesella cincta 4870948709 i5K initiative
Podura aquatica 5058950589 i5K initiative
Pogonognathellus longicornis 707266707266 i5K initiative
Sminthurus viridis Lucerne flea 109609109609 i5K initiative
Tetrodontophora bielanensis 4871748717 i5K initiative
Tomocerus minor
Tomocerus vulgaris

Species with genomic data:

Species with transcriptome data:

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