David J. Witherspoon

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vCard David J. Witherspoon
David J. Witherspoon
Affiliation: University of Utah
WorkingGroup: Plant pests and beneficials, Vectors, Evo-Devo, EcoGen-PopGen
i5K_WorkingGroup: Pre-sequencing informatics, Phylogenomics, Post-sequencing informatics

My interests center on evolutionary biology and population genetics, distribution of genetic diversity, evolutionary dynamics of mobile elements. Much of my recent research has been in human and primate genetics, but I have worked on many organisms (including protozoa, crustacea and nematodes) and will do so again. I recently invented a method for rapidly genotyping all mobile element insertions of a family in many individuals at once using computational and high-throughput sequencing tools (ME-Scan; BMC Genomics 2010, 11:410). ME-Scan is already being applied to phylogenetic reconstruction problems and to questions of the population genetics of mobile elements as well as their host species.

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