Diatraea saccharalis

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I5klogo4.jpg Diatraea saccharalis

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The whole mitochondrial genome of 15,490 bp is available from GenBank. In my efforts to understand the phylogeny of the Pyralidae, Crambinae my morphological dataset gives poor resolution with regard to the position of Diatraea. I have plans to use molecular markers to work on this problem and have collected material of all major lineages of Crambinae fo that purpose, except Diatraea and Chilo. However the latter genus is covered by leptree.net. Bernard Landry
None Katherine Giron

Diatraea saccharalis
Sugarcane borer

Taxonomic classification
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Crambidae
Genus: Diatraea
NCBI taxid: 485px-US-NLM-NCBI-Logo.png 40085
Nomination: i5K initiative
Date: 2012/02/06

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