Frankliniella occidentalis

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I5klogo4.jpg Frankliniella occidentalis

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Transcriptome datasets for Frankliniella occidentalis
Species Description No. sequences Last update
Frankliniella occidentalis GenBank EST division (dbEST) 1383913,839 2455686.55 May 2011

i5K Comments for Frankliniella occidentalis
Major worldwide pest and virus vector, apparently with cryptic species. Species easy to culture and easily available. Important pest species in Africa. William Kirk
Thomas German

Frankliniella occidentalis
Frankliniella occidentalis
Western flower thrips

Taxonomic classification
Class: Insecta
Order: Thysanoptera
Family: Thripidae
Genus: Frankliniella
NCBI taxid: 485px-US-NLM-NCBI-Logo.png 133901
EOL taxid: eol logo grey.png 1041107
Resource: OrthoDB
Collection: Baylor i5k pilot
Research interest: Plant disease vector
WorkingGroup: Plant pests and beneficials, Vectors, EcoGen-PopGen
Nomination: i5K initiative
Date: 2011/03/18

I5klogo4.jpg  i5K Arthropod Sequencing Initiative
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Frankliniella occidentalis (western flower thrips) is a member of the insect order Thysanoptera. The order Thysanoptera is composed exclusively of thrips (at least 5500 species). Frankliniella occidentalis is the primary thrips vector that transmits 5 of the 14 described species of Tospoviruses, the only plant infecting member of the family Bunyaviridae. No members of Thysanoptera have been sequenced and there are currently 13,843 EST sequences available at dbEST, of which 13,839 Sanger sequences were derived from a normalized cDNA library of first instar larvae in our laboratory.

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