Monomorium pharaonis

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i5K Comments for Monomorium pharaonis
Monomorium pharaonis is a major invasive pest ant species, which is also a model for understanding pheromone trail-based foraging. This species is unicolonial and it would be useful to perform comparative analysis with other unicolonial species and contrast with species not known to be unicolonial to gain insights into evolution of this lifestyle. M. pharaonis also synthesizes monomorines, which are alkaloid toxins with important medicinal uses. These toxins are well-known because they are sequestered from eaten ants and secreted by the skin of poison frogs. Genome analysis would elucidate the biosynthesis of these compounds. Eusocial. invasive; polygynous; can be reared in lab ISIGC
Duncan Jackson

Monomorium pharaonis
Monomorium pharaonis
Pharaoh ant

Taxonomic classification
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Genus: Monomorium
NCBI taxid: 485px-US-NLM-NCBI-Logo.png 307658
Nomination: i5K initiative
Date: 2011/05/05

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