Staying Healthy

Health & Fitness

Staying healthy is often attributed to making good decisions and choices. These are choices you make when eating, exercising, smoking, meditating, managing stress, etc. All these can make a difference in your overall health. You are faced with these choices every day. Like when eating, do you choose fries from salad or soda from water? …

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Health, Technology

Gamers who have dedicated and committed their time to improve their skills in gaming are growing. Especially when a pandemic hits, many people tried streaming as a means to generate money. Twitch, for instance, received an influx of new account registration and thus, streamers who are using their platform. If you wish to learn more …

How Wall Paint and Colors Affect One’s Well Being?


We’ve been through a lot lately. The stress in every day routine, the lockdown, the corona virus, rainy days, and cloudy skies. All of this can put a lot of pressure on your mind. The newly awakened spring air, the sun and the blue sky can partly lighten the mood again. But there are also …